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Organic Body Piercing Jewelry is one of the oldest forms of body adornment and has been around for thousands of years. Here in Thailand the hill tribes of at the borders of Burma and Laos have been practicing organic body jewelry and ear-stretching for countless generations and it is a integrated part of their tribal way of life. Trial plugs and body piercing is a great way of expressing yourself and showing your identity as an ever changing art-work using your body as a canvas. For the enthusiast of large gauge ear-piercing and stretching there is many variations available on the market not just body jewelry like steel and plastic. Some things are very hard to improve and we are true believers that the tribes people of past and present knows the best way to express this body art-form. Body piercing jewelry made from organic materials is much more comfortable and hygienic to wear than body jewelry made synthetics and metals which can also have bad odor if worn for longer period of time. We suggest that you take a tour of our organic body piercing website where we offer a wide assortment of body jewelry made from a wide range of organic materials. We have wooden ear plugs, and ear piercings, tribal plugs made from horn and bone, a nice selection of fake piercings made from all types of materials as well